Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Designer Database | Tate Kuerbis

Tate Kuerbis is another designer who's work we need to start associating with his name more often. His career with Nike has seen him rise through the ranks from just a junior designer for Air Jordan to a head designer and eventually a senior footwear designer for the brand. Unlike many designers that will be featured in this database, Tate Kuerbis is in the special bracket of designers that have designed shoes for differing sports. In Keurbis's case his portfolio is heavy with basketball models but includes a selection of tennis models. For those less familiar with his name and work please scroll through the images below. 

As with all these lists they are not complete and will be continually updated once more patents have been looked at. 

Air Jordan XVIII:

Air Jordan XIX:

Nike Air Dozer Force:

Air Jordan Team 1:

Jordan 12.5:

Nike Uptempo Pro:

Nike Vapor IV (tennis):

Sneakers that I couldn't find the images for include:

- Nike Zoom Max Uptempo
- Nike Zoom Flight 98

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