Monday, 11 July 2011

What is the true Nike Air Force 2?


Nowadays people generally refer to the 1986-87 Air Force's as Air Force 2's or even more commonly, "Barkleys". As the name suggests these were the flavours of Charles Barkely's Illadelph crew, and were the first sneakers that Nike produced in the colours of blue on white with yellow accenting and blue on white with red accenting. Obviously these colourways were the cleanest of the pick even among the later retro releases. As happy and keen as I am to continue referencing to them as "Barklays", they are in fact not the real Air Force 2's and should not be referred to as such. There never being an official release of an Air Force 2 by Nike is what complicates the matter. So it begs asking the question, how then can I challenge this common misconception?  

The analysis suggests that the Nike Airship is the true inheritor of the Air Force 2 label. In itself it would be enough evidence to illustrate that the '84 Nike Airship model was actually the second Nike Basketball shoe to incorporate Air technology. But there is more. It is hard not to see the similarities in construction and silhouette that the Airship shares with the Air Force 1. The only detail one might say is crucially missing is the lack of a visible strap. These facts just seem to sway my verdict in favour of the Nike Airship being the first and true Air Force 2.

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