Monday, 12 September 2011

Inside the Innovation Kitchen

In this rare chance to see the the ins and outs of Nike's Innovation Kitchen, Nike basketball's Head of Innovation, Shane Kohatsu, and their Head of Innovation for Sportswear, Ben Shaffer, lift the lid on the hyperfuse phenomenon and its projected  future and possible outreach. As hinted in the video, the nature of the technology will see it's possible incorporation into any sneaker project. It wouldn't require too much speculation to see the term 'hyperfusing' becoming a bona fide verb in sneaker circles. For better or for worse, the potentially problematic 'hyperfusing' of increasing numbers of classic models and silhouettes is inevitably going to cause a variety of schisms. But putting all those issues aside, it is none the less  extremely refreshing to see a little transparency from Nike when it comes to the technological breakthrough's they tend to avoid explaining. A similar approach to 'vach tech' would be much appreciated I can guarantee. 

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