Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cabinet of curiosity

Sneaker storage is always something of dilemma. The challenges of finding adequate space are never ending. Shoe boxes, though they contain and protect one's prize, are not necessarily too pleasurable on the eyes. Worst of all is how do you combine a complex formula for classification that includes those kicks that are not too special to stomp around town in? 

The answer is simple...

All energy must be focused on those kicks just that little bit too special to endure the wear and tear of regular use and consequently use them to form the basis of your main display. Such innovation ain't as easy as throwing some fresh looking kicks on some shelves and lining each pair up one after the other. Sadly it boils down to oneself putting in the time to figure out get the best silhouettes, profiles, angles, colour combinations, model combinations, chronology of release, evolution of design and colourways (the list is never ending) all in a protective environment and setting that will cater for all important product protection but also present the kicks at their most desirable. Few displays I've ever seen have rivaled the one below. It ain't about quantity, for me its all about quality and if that is managed with a minimalist display as below, then that should be the benchmark for all you sneaker-heads out there.      

It don't come better than this!

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