Friday, 28 January 2011

A Little Exercise in Compare and Contrast

Its common knowledge that DJ Clark Kent is a force to be reckoned with within the sneaker game. His distinguished achievements in both collecting/wearing his kicks, as well as reaching the lofty heights of designing them too, means as an area of research, Clark's collection has got some surprises. I've managed to plunder the images for three models of Air Force 1 from his collection, that New York staple which is his kick of choice. I guess in this round the theme was minimalism, something I believe doesn't get enough of a shout out for in the current sneaker climate but of these three we will be needing a winner. So I guess it's time to meet the final three.    

Contender no. 1:

Beijing Basketball Air Force 1's (player exclusive)
Look at those milky bottoms! These are player exclusives they gave to USA basketball team to walk around in when they went over to Beijing for the Olympics


Contender no. 2:

Clark Kent New York City pack Air Force 1 (New York Jets)
The lack of visible stitch work on the side paneling requires some close attention. Made even better by it only being visible on the swoosh. 


Contender no. 3:

2004 NBA All Star Game Air Force 1 (player exclusive)
White on whites are the most beautiful Air Force 1's ever but this sort of detailing is definitely asking some questions.

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  1. I gotta go with #2, if I had to choose, the first 2 are ridiculously tight. I have to agree understated is too, well, understated in today's sneaker arena. But I think that's what makes those pairs so desirable.