Monday, 18 April 2011

A must see and do! - Round 2

INTRO:       GZA is one of the most influential lyricists of our time. Serving as a figurehead for the Wu-Tang Clan on several multi-platinum releases and as the creator of one of the most critically praised albums of all time (Liquid Swords), GZA has proven time and time again that he is worthy of the tittle 'Genius'. As Wu-Tang Clan member Method Man attests, "... he's the head. Let's put it that way. We form like Voltron and GZA happens to be the head."   

Throughout the years, GZA has remained exceptionally busy, tourgin the globe, releasing his sixth solo album ('Pro Tools') and appearing on various Wu-Tang releases. Look out for a brand new album this late spring of 2011 from the Genius titled 'Liquid Swords Part II - Return of the Shadow Boxer'

As one might have been expecting, coming this Tuesday the 19th of April is GZA aka the 'Genius". His much anticipated return to these shores will see him celebrate with a heavy dose of lyrical nostalgia. In what may be seen more as a career retrospective, we can expect to be treated with a whole range of material spanning from classic tracks from the legendary 1993 album, 'Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)', to his critically and commercially acclaimed album 'Liquid Swords' from 1995 to his latest release of 2008 'Pro Tools'. We can only hope that this time round, he will take it upon himself to wet our appetites by lifting the veil on his new material of the yet to be released Liquid Swords Part II - Return of the Shadow Boxer'. However, this may be a desperate cry on my behalf for the impossible but there seems little danger in some well placed hope of sorts. 

If, by a freak of nature, anyone is still requiring further persuasion and a gentle if not firm push from behind, then here are some clips that should knock some sense into you once and for all. 


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