Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Caught in Time

Sometimes all that's required to pass the time is for a little dig and rummage within the dusty archives of the internet for some simple sneaker memories. Thus, what's been cooked up here is an insight into how some of hip-hops finest have wanted to immortalise some of their favourite footwear moments. By all means this is just the first installment of this image based exercise but there is more than enough light hearted entertainment to pour over in the chosen 8 below.  

Nike Air Pressure on Audio 2

Air Assaluts Fat-Boys 

Air Jordan 3's on 3 Times Dope

Air Jordan IV's on Ice T

Nike Air flight 87 sighting on EPMD

Air Jordan I's on LL Cool J

Nike Air Assault's on the polished Will Smith

Air Jordan IX's on Tupac (no creases on them toe boxes)

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