Tuesday, 10 April 2012

You Can't Forget About The Socks!

Directed by Sneds By REE, this latest video homage to Bruce Kilgore’s original Air Force One design features the impressive AF1 collection of Afrokix. Like the many who have watched it, it is near impossible to fight the temptation in naming all the thirty AF1’s commemorating the design’s 30 years of existence. Once the naming novelty has worn off, there is a small but necessary stylistic criticism needing singling out: the need to match your socks with you kicks.

Throughout the entirety of the clip the same pair of socks is being paired with all 30 AF1’s. At times the matching/clashing of the sock’s colours and design makes the sneaker pop more than normal but more often than not the socks distract from the individuality of the shoes. It might just boil down to a taste thing but for me the shoe is the attraction and needs to be showcased to the best of its capabilities meaning socks have to toe the line. 

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