Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Renegade Advertising Monster - Nike's Secret Weapon - Part 1

Its an observation I've harbored for some time but one which I wouldn't begin to suspect as a sole note of my own, this being the coining of the concept of ‘renegade advertising’. 

Driven entirely by the independent artist and designers worldwide, who are not in any shape or form part of the make up of Nike, find themselves in a position of constantly developing and providing images that are a reminder as to what is possible by pushing the boundaries of perceived creative limits. Their intentions are seemingly simple. With the given examples below, it would be difficult to assign any further meaning to their work other than a desire to perfect an overall style, aesthetic, design and even ‘school’ of their own making. Due to the never ending popularity of Nike’s brand name, its image and the important ideology of the brand, provides the raw materials that has and always will produce independently creative conceptions that can only benefit and thus flatter the creative forces within Nike.

But what we find when these excellent pieces of creative work are displayed in their designed setting of the street, is that inevitably their using of the Nike brand and its own clear cut imagery sees these works take on a whole new purpose altogether.  This purpose is inevitably one of providing further exposure and advertising for the brand independently of Nike’s wishes or commands. So it is from this that we find use in the coining of the term ‘renegade advertising’. Crucially what is important in this example is that the association of these creative works to Nike can only be a brilliant thing and more importantly prove that Nike is very much on top of its game, if it is to inspire this level of creativity from fellow artists and designers. 

Words of wisdom never to be forgotten

A true and fair message for any sneaker head 

Digital Nike taking it back to the 90's

Nothing other than one of the best Nike murals to have been created in the last five years 

A taste of my childhood

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