Thursday, 27 January 2011

What's represented on your Air Max's

It's easy enough to simply accept the external appearance of a sneaker for granted. The choosing of colours, the material, the texture, the design, the laces, the internal and external architecture and structure, the silhouette etc are all things we considered when making any new purchase of some fresh kicks. Though it may seem a bit left field, on how many occasions does one consider how each singular part of the sneaker captures the essence of that sneaker and what does that individual element and all the other elements combine to mean? Obviously each sneaker in its own way contains within its DNA historically unique and once revolutionary traits. These traits are as much about enhancing the aesthetic of the sneaker than purely further enhancing its performance. 

Yet it is when you start to have a somewhat radical re-haul and begin to replace this genetic makeup that I have described with the emotive reactions one gets by wearing them or even how we conceive ourselves when wearing them, we get an altogether more exciting shoe. So by stripping away the flesh of the physical aesthetic and performance elements and building upon this new bare skeletal structure we start to generate up an image of the examples below. The final product is something that is historically relevant but more deeply personalized than any custom kick and is just a conceptual evolutionary advancement in the sneakers own genealogy.   

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4: The Final Product

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