Thursday, 27 January 2011

Just Got to Love Customisation - Air Force Huarache 'Hexachromes'

Customisation has upped its game in recent years yet with these latest pictures of the work of JGoods, the Air Force Huarache 'Hexachromes', we are beginning to see a toning down in brash outlandish even confrontational styles typical of the work of such artists as Tangible Thoughts. We are no strangers to the idea of custom kicks with their bold, mural-esque imagery and brilliant execution but these would suggest that there is an up-market move to something a little bit more minimal in design but still with an eye for detail. 
It's pleasing to see that the front and mid half of the sneakers are left in their original crisp white state besides for a JGoods hit on the frontal, an all important seal of creative authorship. The heel consists of a bright and colorful pixelated design which instantly attracts your attention. In total there are a total of 25 different colors, all of which are hand mixed and painted deliberately avoiding any airbrushing and taping off sections to paint numerous boxes at once. So with the final product we see each and every individual pixel (box) being painted with a brush, one by one. It doesn't matter how close you get to them the edges are smooth and crisp and somehow brilliant beyond the point of comparison.

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