Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Drawing Board

It's rare that the occasion ever arrises that we are treated to a glimpse of the design process for a signature sneaker release from Nike. We can, therefore, count ourselves double as lucky to be treated to these preliminary sketches full of such detail, clarity and imagination. The Jordan CP3.V has never been the stand out model of a signature sneaker. The spotlight tends to fall upon the Lebron 9's, KD 4's and even on both the Melo M8's and adiZero Rose 2.5's before the CP3.V's. On a personal note this is about to change. With more information available about the design of the shoe than I could have ever deduced for myself, I can't help but to warm and appreciate the shoe. It is only a shame that this sort of information is not released by Nike for all of their models. Undoubtedly there are some secrets Nike aren't willing to share but it seems a little telling that they are more than comfortable to reveal the inner workings of the CP3.V. Does this mean Nike's best technology is not being reserved for the shoe's of Chris Paul or does this play witness to Nike's favouritism of their sponsored athletes? We may just never know. (More Images after the break!)

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