Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sneakers | In Space

Thankfully, the end of the space shuttle program doesn't mean the end of the road for NASA or even NASA sending humans into space. NASA's gift of the gab has let us believe that there is a robust program of exploration, technology development and scientific research that will last for years to come. If it's to be believed, man walking in space wearing sneakers is increasingly a reality of the not so dim and distant future. The moon boot was surely not conceived as a long term solution for deep space exploration? Conspiracists among you might have already been suspecting a secretive relationship between the 'Innovation Kitchen' at Nike with NASA. After all where on earth did foamposit technology appear from? Was the Nike 'Lunar Flow' really meant for athletes running on earth? These are wild postulations I admit but to speculate of such novelties is somewhat of a strangely rewarding experience. It nevertheless offers a creative platform like no other. At this early stage, these designs prove anything can be explored. 

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