Friday, 17 February 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!

It has always proved somewhat of a mystery to me as to why Nike or any other sneaker manufacturer for that matter has not fully experimented with lights in their shoes. I hasten to think that maybe this is because within the grand narrative of recent sneaker memory it was too young an audience that genuinely cared about whether they owned a single pair of flashing sneakers.

This generation has now grown up and is readily susceptible to a targeted dose of nostalgia. In the same way that retro releases act as a constant reminder of the classics of old, isn’t it time that the same treatment be prescribed to the ideas of old even if the original executions don’t quite merit it? If flashing lights in shoes will prove to be a creative dead end then these two videos might suggest the relationship between lights and shoes still might have a bright future. (VIDEOS AFTER THE BREAK)

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